Vert-ual Race


Can't be at the event in person?  No problem. You can still participate in the Dallas Vert-ual Mile from anywhere in the world.  It will help keep you motived by giving you a goal to train for, and you can use real stairs or a machine. 


Just like the athletes in Dallas, you'll have a choice of four distances. We've rounded them off for the Vert-ual race to make them easier to track.  

- 50 stories / 500 feet - Sprint Race

- 150 stories / 1,500 feet - Vert 1/4 Mile

- 300 stories / 3,000 feet - Vert 1/2 Mile

- 600 stories / 6,000 feet - Vert Mile 

Yes, we know that 6,000 feet is more than a vert mile, but those in Dallas do more, so it will be the same for Vert-ual athletes too.  


If climbing real stairs, you can count the steps or use an app on your smart phone that measures stairs climbed or elevation gain.

If you'll be using a stair climbing machine, use whatever tracking measurement works best for you - stories, vertical feet climbed, or number of steps climbed. 

Since machines and real steps vary in difficulty, we can't track who finished first in the Vert-ual race.  However, if you live in the United States and would like all of the swag everyone else gets when they do the event in person - a tech t-shirt, medal, race bib with your name, and a sticker, we'll send it to you.  And we'll still list you with the finishers on our results page.


And, if you take a picture of yourself doing the Vert-ual event and send it to us, we'll post it on one of our social media pages or website.    


The price for the Vert-ual race, no matter which distance you choose, along with the tech t-shirt; medal; sticker; being posted in the results page; and having your picture on one of our social pages, if you'd like, is just $40, plus $5 for shipping to anywhere in the USA.  If you want to register for the Vert-ual race but don't want the shirt, medal, sticker, or bib, the cost is only $20.  

If you want to use the Vert-ual race to raise money for one of our awesome charity partners, you may do that too.  We've got a Vert-ual hug going your way to say thanks.  

Mile and Quarter Mile 11219-981.jpg

2018 Medal

2018 Sticker

2018 T-shirt

2018 Race Bibs

Melissa Pelley Hinojosa did the vert-ual sprint race by climbing 50 floors and 891 stairs in Michigan's Capital.

Becky Olesky did the Vert 1/4 race with us vert-ually from Easton, Pennsylvania.

2018 Medal