The great thing about training for stair climbing is that it will make your legs - from your butt to your calves - strong, and that will benefit you the rest of the year whether you're a runner, hiker, cyclist, etc. You also can't beat it for the cardio benefit.   


There are numerous ways to train for the Vert Sprint Race, Vert 1/4 Mile, and Vert Mile Challenge.  

If you like to design your own program and want to see how some stair climbing rock stars train, here are a couple of links you may find helpful.  

1.  P.J. Glassey is a personal trainer and gym owner who is not just a world-class stair climber himself - he also coaches a number of other elite climbers.  His site offers more than an hour of video instruction of both stair climbing techniques and training methods.  

2.  David Garcia lost 160 pounds and became a nationally ranked stair climber.  Talk about an inspiration!  Here are his training suggestions.

"Make an Ironman Whimper!" - NY Times

If you prefer a little more structured program, we've got two for you. Both are easy to follow yet still produce great results!


The first for is for those who already have a base of fitness.  It's written by two of the biggest names in the sport - David Hanley and Jason Larson - and you'll find it on Training 2 Page here.


The second program is easier and more basic for people who haven't been exercising regularly and will just be doing the Vert Sprint Race and Fun Walk - one trip up the tower - along with a second bonus lap, if they'd like.  It's by event director and personal trainer Paul Sampson, and it's on Training 3 Page here


Photo by Paul Sampson