"We had so much fun and will be back next year!"  - Tracy Albany

"Thank you again for a GREAT RACE!  This one was so much fun, i'll be back."  - Bob Klinko, Naperville, IL

"The best climb in the United States I've ever participated in." - Cindy Harris, World's #2 Ranked Tower Runner.  (quote in StairLife.com)

"We were 1st timers and we had so much fun." - Wendy Hartnett

"I have been tower climbing close to 30 years and also have 34 marathons in under my belt including four Bostons, and I like it when it is so well run.  Some are not, but yours is as good as it gets." - Marsha O'Loughlin 

"You did it again. Great event!  - Brady Renshaw, elite tower runner, Littleton, CO

Great race! Well organized!! Great people and great stair climbers!! One of the best climbs ever, and one of the happiest days of my life!!!  - Mark Block

"My team and i all had a blast this morning! And this was my first ever tower race. So much fun." - Kelly Hartsell, Southlake, TX 

"Woohoo!! We had an awesome time! We can't wait for next year's event, we are already planning for it so bring it on, we WILL win the best dressed team award.... Thanks again for everything." - Ginnel Shaw 

"A day I'll treasure forever... Thank you to everyone at Dallas Vert Mile for an amazing day, to all the volunteers and organizers.  You are the BEST!  Had so much fun." - Debbie Reynolds 

“This event is one of the best organized races I have ever competed in.  The race organizers, Paul and Shannon Sampson, are laser-focused on the climbers and making this a great event. They ask the right questions and they listen to your input. And the timing company—HAL Sports (led by Lonnie Sommers)—is the best I have ever seen.” - Terry Purcell, tower running legend (quote in StairLife.com)

"Thank you for such a fun, challenging, and well run event. I’m a life long runner, but this was my first climb. Me and my team will most defininately be back next year!!!" - Liz Wolff

"If Paul Sampson keeps directing and organizing races, I’ll sign up for them all! This event was unique in more ways than I can note:  First and foremost, it was a race. A stair climbing race, made for competitive athletes from start to finish. And man, did they show up in numbers and power...  The organization of the race was seamless from a quick and easy packet pick up, to instructions of the course and elevator procedures, knowledgeable staff and volunteers, aid stations at the top AND bottom, meticulously timed (and backed up) timing by HAL Sports (thanks Lonnie Somers), clear signage and motivating messages throughout the stairwell, volunteers everywhere that could make anyone feel like a superstar, and awards/recognition for overall and age group placings. So much more, but definitely the badass finisher medals need a shout out! And how could I forget, this is the first race shirt I ever received that actually fits!!"- Sue Glaser, elite tower runner (get permission to use it - it's from a Facebook post)

"Can't say enough good things about it.  It was a well organized and well run event." - Larry Hennis 

Best volunteers, timing Lonnie Somers and event management Paul Sampson EVER! LOVE! ❤️ - KC Kennedy - Elite Tower Runner 

"Thanks for an awesome event."  - Sabrina Little, professional trail runner

"An incredibly organized and executed event, and an incredibly tough physical challenge. Can't recommend highly enough!" - David Garcia of keepitupdavid.com

"Well organized, excellent refreshments at the top and bottom, people cheering you at various points in the stairwell. Motivational signs every floor and people to direct you as needed. I will do this again." - Jason Puskarich


"This was my first stair climb experience. It was a lot of fun and was well organized.  Everyone was so helpful. I really appreciate the sign made for me! I will do a longer distance next year. Definitely recommend!" - Laura Galvan 

"Hardcore, extreme, awesome, epic event. A must do." - Scott Stanley, elite tower runner and host of the Towerruning Channel, Euless, TX (quote from Stairclimbing Sport Facebook group).

"Amazing event! Will do it again! Thank you for a great experience!" - Morna Trowbridge 

"I flew to Dallas from Mexico City for this race.  WOWWWWW!  I'm so happy I did.  EXCELLENT EVENT!!!  Thank you so much." - Ignacio Manrique, elite tower runner

"My teammates and I had so much fun today! Thanks for a great event! We definitely want to do it again!" - Robin Kaston 

"Thanks again for having such a great event." - Thomas Scott, #2 Ranked Stair Climber in the United States." 

"This was my first tower run. LOVED LOVED LOVED!  Plan to be back next year. Awesome job, folks!" - Dori Kuhn


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