Would you like to make the Dallas Vert Mile even more fun?  Create or join a team.  The minimum team size is five people, but your team can be as large as you want.  For the sake of awards, the combined times of the fastest five finishers on your team in the sprint race will determine your team's overall time.  


The first person from a team to sign up will select the "CREATE A TEAM" option on the registration page.  They will give everyone else the team name to use when they register, which they will do by selecting the "JOIN A TEAM" option.   

Be aware that not everyone may be climbing on the same day depending on the event each individual has chosen.  We recommend coordinating as a group to decide which distance and day would work for your team if climbing together is a preference.

Team prizes will be awarded for the top male, female, coed, junior and hero teams.  The junior category is for teenagers aged 13-18 and hero teams include members of the military, police force, fire department, and EMT squads. There must be at least five members in your team registered for the Sprint Race to qualify for a prize. Timing logistics make it too difficult to hand out team awards for any of the other distances. 

If you will use the event to raise money for a favorite non-profit organization, you may also have a second type of team - a fundraising team.  These make fundraising more fun and usually result in more money being raised as well.  

When you register, you'll have the option of creating or being part of competitive and fundraising teams.  


Background photo courtesy Reunion Tower