Ever wanted to beat your boss?  Now you can. Welcome to the 2018 Dallas Vert Mile team challenges.  They include...

Beat the Boss - For employees to race the person in the corner office, whether it's their immediate supervisor, the big boss, or someone in between. 

Beat the Brass - For military members to take on the people they salute with scrambled eggs all over their hats. 

Challenge the Chief - For police officers and fire fighters to show the chief, captains, or sergeants how fit you can be when you don't sit in a chair all day eating the goodies that always seem to show up. 

Cream the Coach - For athletes to put a hurtin' on the people who usually make them suffer through those grueling workouts.  

Ditch the Doc - So your doctor tells you to eat right and move your body.  Do they practice what they preach?  Here's how you find out. Let him or her know you've got a prescription for them and give them our registration page. 

Here's how you do the team challenges...

1. Get at least five people from your office, team, or group to do the Dallas Vert Mile.  The more people you have, the more fun you'll have.  At least one of them should be the person in charge. 

2. Register as a team. The first person who registers enters the team name and tells everyone else.  It can be the name of your company, squad, team, or anything else you like. Everyone else signs up for that team when they register.  

3. Do the event.  You'll be in the running for both the individual and team awards.

4. Look at the results to see how your boss, commander, chief, coach, or doc did and enjoy the fact that you just whooped them.  You did whoop them, right?    

5. Be nice and don't rub it in.  Use a straight face and tell the big cheese how great they did.  After all, that person signs your check, makes you fitter, faster, and stronger, or may one day take your tonsils out.